Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~ Hidup Ku Penuh Warna.... ~

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 5:53 PM
Da lama xupdate blog...since busy dgn kursus2 yang perlu dipenuhi oleh tuntutan kerja..Soon my dear best friend Kin is going to get married on this coming 23 July 2011. Lets pray for her hapiness. Just can't believe that she's going to get married soon n at the same time i am happy for her. We are best friends since we're in form 1. We're in the same class. That time was RKA class. Rancangan Khas Agama hihihi... But after PMR she'd in Science stream, while me in account class... hahaha...but still we're best friends till end. She's just like my sister. We share everything. We both jumpa special person dlm tahun yg sma. Means that, ALLAH bagi kebahagiaan yg sama rata dan kami blh share interest yg sma. huhuu...Lagi best, bertunang pada tahun yang sama n juga akan mendirikan masjid dlm tahun yang sama juga.. Alhamdulillah... still blh share kebahagiaan yang sama.

To kin, may happiness be yours... Amin, InshaALLAH.. saya akan jadi pengapit yang paling comel utk Kin. hahahaha...Tgu nnt..hahaha...

To my Love:
Love, i heart you so much.. terima kasih :-)


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