Wednesday, February 10, 2016

::Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor::

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 9:57 AM

We had a short trip to Kuala Selangor.. well, we love Kuala Selangor especially the scenery through out "jalan kampung"... We always travel to Kuala Selangor whenever we miss our kampung in Perak :-) ...

Each time we travel to Kuala Selangor, we always see the crowd at Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor. But we don't have the feel to stop. However, last weekend we decided to stopped and tried it out! Alhamdulillah, such an awesome taste! The palm sugar or "gula merah" that they used was so fragrant and nice! I can feel the burn taste too.. hahha... Am surely will come back again to have this Cendol Bakar... I forgot to snap a picture of their menu and my Cendol Bakar VVIP (which cost me RM 3.00). But, you can come and try it out! Worth for money and for those who loves Cendol just like me and hubs... hahhaa...

Just Waze to get the direction :-)

cheeky Adam while waiting for Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor

It's a long que... but don't worry the do have two counters to serve you the best :-)

This long que was for those who wanted to have Cendol Bakar here...

Other stall that available for the customers... this Kepak Ayam Madu was so tasty..

Crispy Keropok Lekor... hahha.. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

:: Oh Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful::

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 3:07 PM

O, Allah... What a hard life that i've been through....
... Please made it more easy...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

::May Allah reserve our love till Jannah::

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 12:33 PM

My pray for today, may Allah reserve and keep our love till Jannah... ameen... inshaAllah

Sandy beach.... Rumah Rehat Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Port Dickson

Before sending Safiya to her playschool

Steamboat at Captain Steamboat Kapar, Klang


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