Friday, February 3, 2012

::Seafood Near Kuala Gula + Wedding Ceremony::

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 6:47 PM
Salam bloggers,

It seems like da lma i xupdate blog. Lots work to be done. But today, i stay kat opis sbb nk update blog since kje da settle.

Well during Chinese New Year hr tu we both decided to go back to my kampung. My mummy is not well. She got diabetes, n recently she keep complaining kaki dia sakit n bengkak. She went to see doctor, n sadly to hear tht doc. kata mybe ad kaitan dgn kidney problem. I spent 3days 2 nite kt umah my glad dpt spent time with her..unfortunately, i didn't snap any pics while we went out together..busy sgt..Hopefully my mother will fully recover. I bought her Beras Herba Ponni Taj Mahal which is very good for diabetes ni, less kanji..huhu..i hope she will be fine.. i will be back in two months coming..hubby got something to i need to wait n help him settle it. Inshaallah, Allah's willing.
      So, after 3days i moved to my PIL's house which is 1hour travel. huhu..Kuala Kangsar > Taiping...
Next day nye, we went to Kuala Gula...Huh, dia pnya tempat mmg journey dia mmg enjoy..sbb?melewati sawah padi, tali air,ad sungai and i can see laut yg biru juga.. wow!! My FIL mmg teruja nk pg ke Kuala Gula, since adik dia kata Ketam Kulit Nipis sedap kat ctu.. this time he willingly treat us!! yabedabedo!!Frankly, mmg sedap..n pakej dia sgt murah. just imagine dgn RM100 utk 6 org mkan dgn;

                1. 6 pinggan nasi
                2. Tomyam
                3. Sotong
                4. Udang
                5. Ayam
                6. Ketam
                7. Telur
                8. Buah
                9. 1 jug air

menarik x?mmg sotong, udang, ayam dan ketam tu ikot suka nk masak ap..kabokan aje kt org tu nk masak ap..hihihi..yummy!! cam slalu, i mmg lupa nk snap pics dia..sbb da lapo sgt..xhengat da camera! lantak gambo kami adla...hihihi
::MIL n me::

::que nk bayar::

::tempat makan, tepi laut::

::kawasan nelayan::

::proud father with his sOn::

and on the 28 Jan 2012 hr tu kami dpt jemputan istimewa dr Puan Kamariah, Ketua Pustakawan UTM ke majlis reception anak perempuan dia..tahniah!pics xdpt nk capture sbb jauh dr are some of our pics!

::test camera::
::camera freak::

::ready to be serve::

and lastly, pic kat toilet opis!bwek!!

till next entry!!


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