Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I need a new job...

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 11:33 AM
I need  a new job..because am getting sick of the same routine work...the same arguments, the same conflicts, the same annoying faces, the same fake faces, the same bad people...lingering all way..all days in the office..

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ya Allah Sembuhkanlah Ibuku

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 2:47 PM
Mak and I during nikah's i miss her badly..
Salam..saat ini aku mohon dan berdoa agar Allah swt. menghilangkan segala sakit perit mak, semoga mak sehat mcm dlu2....semoga Allah kurniakan kesihatan yg sgt baik utk mak dan abah juga...segalanya untuk mak dan abah..semoga Allah panjangkan umur mereka berdua.. Ameen Ya Rabb...Mak and I are close..very close..more like a BEST FRIEND FOREVER..still remember when she said ", Kakak blh mengadu apa saja pada Mak sbb Mak adalah Mak kakak." Alhamdulillah..i have a very good mother.. I will only have one and only mother in this world, it will be my mother Wan Fatimah Binti Wan Hussin.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meet Our Lil' Safiya

Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 11:07 AM

Please meet our cute baby girl..Her name is Nur Arissa Safiya..She's now 2 months & 1 week..We're been very busy with our Lil' Safiya..

till next entry...
xoxo from Lil' Safiya

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