Thursday, December 8, 2011

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Posted by Mama Safiya and Adam at 11:13 AM
On the 18-19 Nov 2011 yg lps, hubby n i went to UiTM Kampus Merbok... My hubby participated in IID Kedah with his supervisor Prof. Madya Dr. Norlia Ahmad Kassim.. My hubby mmg nk ajak me pg skali, sbb nk bwk i jln2... cm part of honeymoon la jugak kn... so this time was abit diffrent sbb kna attend satu event then lps tu only blh jenjalan..x pg mn pn... sbb on 19, Monday i need to come back to work... so mmg xbesh sgt jln sket tmpt je...

So, tahniah to hubby... sbb bjaya dapat Silver Prize... congrats dear :-) :-* hihihi...

Few captures sekitar pertandingan itu...

:: hubby ::

:: booth hubby and friends ::

:: kak Siti Zahrah Buyong and PM Dr. Norliya ::

:: Prof. Siti Akmar tgh bg explanation o their projects ::

:: Prof. Siti Akmar and Prof. Madya Dr. Norliya ::

:: Hubby, Prof. Siti, Kak Siti Zahrah and PM Dr. Noliya ::

:: Pali tgh explain tu...smpi tarik lengan baju ::

:: Pali, Kak Siti, PM Dr. Norliya n hubby.bote to hubby:  o_O bang, u da gemoks lalalala  ::

:: Kak Zahrah, such a wonderful woman... br 1st time jumpa, tp ramah sgt rase mcm da knl lama. Hope to see again :-) ::

:: Hubby tgh nervous tgu result ::

:: alhamdulillah ::

:: congrats to all ::

dats all folks!

till next n3...

Love y'll

:: audra ::


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